Greetings, I’m Erin! 

With over fifteen years of experience in leadership roles within the nonprofit sector, I have recently embarked on a journey of professional transformation amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. During this process, I delved into the aspects of my work that brought me the greatest fulfillment and contemplated how to further develop them.

What truly ignited my passion was collaborating with women who were leaders in their own right. I firmly believe that each and every one of us possesses the capacity to achieve our aspirations. Unfortunately, this potential often remains untapped due to a lack of guidance and societal conditioning that discourages us from recognizing it.

However, I have personally witnessed the incredible power that emerges when women support one another. This power is awakened when we acknowledge and embrace our true purpose. I see you. I recognize the immense potential and unique power that you possess, ready to be shared with the world. Allow me to assist you in uncovering and harnessing this potential through the transformative practices of Human Design and Energy LeadershipTM.