Greetings, I’m Erin! 

With over fifteen years of experience in leadership roles within the nonprofit sector, I have recently embarked on a journey of professional transformation amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. During this process, I delved into the aspects of my work that brought me the greatest fulfillment and contemplated how to further develop them.

Leadership Coaching

I believe we all have the power in us to become what we want to be. It took one person to truly see me and invite me in to jump start a journey of tapping into my potential. I am passionate about helping others tap into that power. 

Together, one-on-one or in a group, we can explore blocks, limiting beliefs, and other potential barriers to your successes. 

Human Design Analysis

Understanding your unique Human Design will show you how to harness your time and attention so that you can maximize your potential and live your life’s purpose. Discover your potential. Lead with your truth. Live your optimal life!

Organization Consulting

My strength lies in seeing how teams and organizations can capitalize on their human assets and identify gaps to help bring continuity, structure, balance, and flow to an organization. What does your team need and how can we build from there?